ESG Our commitment to creating a sustainable future drives our Environmental, Social, and Governance strategies.

We are committed to having a robust Corporate Responsibility program that incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies into our business to increase both the sustainability and the value of our portfolio.

Water conservation practices, including high-efficiency faucets, high-efficiency shower heads, low-flow or high-efficiency toilets
Energy efficiency programs, including LED lightbulbs, door sensors, key access light controls in guestrooms, lowering HVAC settings
Waste and plastic reduction efforts, including keyless mobile entry, bulk amenities in guestrooms, recycling programs and boxed water
Energy/water/waste data collection and management
EnergyStar certifications earned more than 30 times since 2012
Landscaping water management
Water-efficient practices in laundry
Efficient pool maintenance
Linen and terry reuse programs
Carbon offset program
Electric car charging stations at five hotels
Water bottle refilling stations
Diversity training
Employee philanthropy match program
Volunteer hours for team members
Community service projects
Leadership development program
Combatting human trafficking training
Ethical business standards
Corporate governance
Compliance measures
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